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Onboarding toolkit for testing Openmesh Analytics Platform

// <The Openmesh open data team thank you for joining us in this opportunity to impact Web 3.0 significantly. Our initiatives will not only advance the Web 3.0 space, but all projects are also inspiring and exciting. >
// <We live and breathe in crypto and blockchain 24/7. We are building the important building blocks for web 3.0 and are extremely passionate about building open-source tools to innovate. Crypto is a wild, 24/7 industry. Solving problems and building the technology means we have to do a 100x better job than a typical one. It pushes our imagination and creativity to its limits. Often, we have to rethink everything from the first principles. This gives unprecedented value and opportunity for creativity, extreme engineering, and innovation.

We are glad that you joined our kick-off community call! >

What is Openmesh Protocol?

Openmesh is an all-in-one decentralized open data infrastructure. Our mission is to address the information asymmetry in crypto. Openmesh stores billions of crypto and Web3 data points, transactions, and historical records so anyone can access them without censorship.

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