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As promised, you will have first dibs to Openmesh activities. We are setting up interesting and fun activities for the community to join exclusively. The conference and hackathon caps this quarter.
  • Data products engineering competition — Coming soon
  • Openmesh Focus Group Workshops — Ongoing
  • Adding adapters and connectors with the open-source community — Upcoming
  • Fireside chats — Upcoming
  • Hackathon — Coming soon
  • Open data conference — Coming soon
  • Verified contributor campaign — Coming soon

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What is Openmesh Network?

Openmesh is an all-in-one decentralized open data infrastructure. Our mission is to address the information asymmetry in crypto. Openmesh stores billions of crypto and Web3 data points, transactions, and historical records so anyone can access them without censorship.
In addition to our much-loved Medium publication, we are now on Twitter and LinkedIn. Hope to see you there!
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