UnifiedAPI offers a single API endpoint to Web3 data

UnifiedAPIs is a Decentralized Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offered by Openmesh. It provides a single endpoint for all crypto and Web3 data, along with REST APIs for historical data as a service. The web socket API streams market updates at low latency for use cases that require monitoring of the market in real time.

Base Endpoint wss://atom.shared.projectx.network

Why is it revolutionary?

By unifying data access through a single endpoint, UnifiedAPIs streamlines the process of extracting, using, and integrating Web3 data. This approach eliminates the need for developers to interface with multiple APIs, which can be cumbersome and inefficient.

Main capabilities and features:

  • Single endpoint: This eliminates the need for multiple APIs, simplifying data extraction.

  • REST APIs: Provides historical data as a service, enhancing data insights.

What does it enable?

UnifiedAPIs enables efficient data extraction and integration from multiple sources in the crypto and Web3 domain. Developers can now access a wealth of on-chain and off-chain data through a single endpoint.

Use Cases

  • A DeFi platform that needs to analyze historical and real-time data from various crypto exchanges and blockchain networks for accurate decision-making.

  • An AI-based crypto trading bot that needs access to unified crypto data for making precise trading decisions.

  • A blockchain analytics firm that wants to analyze on-chain and off-chain data across multiple blockchains and crypto platforms.

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