Xnode allows single-click deployment of fully functional full-stack data infrastructure

Xnodes are decentralized Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offered by Openmesh. These are multipurpose infrastructure tools that anyone can utilize to create a fully functional full-stack data infrastructure from scratch on bare metal servers.

Why is it revolutionary?

Unlike traditional cloud-based infrastructure solutions that require manual setup and configuration which may takes months to implement, xNodes simplify and automate the process within a few clicks. The infrastructure deployed are also decentralized by design, eliminating the central points of control or failure.

Main capabilities and features:

  • Automated setup process: server provisioning, Kubernetes configuration, networking setup, and essential services like Apache Kafka and PostgreSQL.

  • Scalability: xNodes can adapt to the growing needs of a project, making it a reliable solution throughout a project's lifecycle.

  • Inherent extensibility: Users can tap into diverse data feeds and integrate them seamlessly with their existing applications using Apache Kafka.

What does it enable?

Xnodes enable users to rapidly deploy and interconnect all necessary middleware, operating systems, and authentication mechanisms, as well as install required applications without human intervention. This significantly reduces overhead and saves valuable time and resources.

Use Cases

  • Building a dynamic Knowledge Graph for a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform to facilitate real-time financial decisions.

  • Serving as the backbone of a decentralized data marketplace where data is traded in a secure and transparent manner.

  • Powering an IoT platform where vast amounts of data from diverse IoT devices can be processed in real-time.

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