Here are some terms that you may need to know

Openmesh: The brand name represents the Openmesh Network

Openmesh Network: The Openmesh network refers to the Openmesh ecosystem.

Core Developers (Verified Contributors):

  • Individuals or groups are responsible for the primary development and maintenance of the Openmesh products and the network

  • Make critical decisions regarding upgrades, security patches, and other major changes to the network

Community developers:

  • Developers outside the core team who contribute to the project, develop tools, look for bugs, suggest new features and create third-party applications.

  • Play a vital role in enhancing the ecosystem and expanding the use cases of the Openmesh technologies.

Governance participants:

  • Active members of the community who participate in governance decisions, proposals, or voting in Openmesh projects that have a decentralized governance model (Openmesh DAO).

  • They play a role in shaping the future direction and decisions of the Openmesh roadmap.

Data, Dapps, Infrastructure and APIs developers: Developers who create applications, data products, infrastructure solutions and APIs on top of the Openmesh network, expanding the utility and functionalities available on the network.

Openmesh Expert (OE):

  • An individual or group skilled in Openmesh technology and part of its network. They are professionals who advise businesses on how to leverage Openmesh technology for their operations or on Openmesh integration.

  • They bridge the gap between traditional business models and new Openmesh-based opportunities, helping in the broader adoption of Openmesh by making its features more accessible to traditional platforms.

Openmesh Experts Network (OEN): A collective of Openmesh Experts collaborating and sharing knowledge. OEN is likely a hub where these experts can collaborate, share knowledge, and assist one another. Being part of the OEN might offer benefits such as exclusive updates, access to advanced tools or features, networking opportunities, and more.

Openmesh Open License (OOL): Openmesh Open License (OOL) ​​defines how Openmesh software, APIs, and technology stack can be shared, modified, and distributed.

Enterprise partners:

  • Large businesses or consortia that adopt or partner with the Openmesh for their operations or pilot projects. They bring credibility, large user bases, and often, significant developmental resources.

  • Organizations or individuals that provide funding or grants to promising projects or startups within the Openmesh ecosystem. They support innovation and growth within the ecosystem.

  • Non-profits or community groups that promote the adoption and ethical use of the Openmesh technology.

  • Academia, educational institute that research and write technical papers and conduct academic research for Openmesh

  • Infrastructure providers companies that provide essential infrastructure such as blockchain explorers, node services, and API services.

Analysts, educators and media:

  • Individuals or groups that study the technology for improvements, potential vulnerabilities, or academic purposes.

  • Often help in identifying and rectifying network vulnerabilities or suggesting enhancements.

  • Individuals or organizations offering courses, workshops, and training on Openmesh technology, development, and use.

  • Individuals or platforms that provide news, analysis, and updates about the Openmesh and its ecosystem.

  • Play a role in shaping public perception and informing the community.

  • Often engage in educational activities and lobbying efforts.

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