Openmesh ensures data are forever open and decentralized

A handful of corporations control 90% of the world's data and IT infrastructure. That’s not just bad for business; it’s bad for everyone. Information asymmetry has led to social inequality, scandals, polarization, and corruption. Sometimes, it has even led to war.

Centralized data control is a potential chokepoint for innovation, a privacy concern, and a bottleneck for the free flow of data.

Even though we have access to much important data, the most valuable data is still controlled and maintained by private companies, nonprofit organizations, and governments, and we're supposed to trust them. These organizations may have ethical and legal obligations and responsibilities not to alter or tamper with data, however, currently, we do not have not much choice but to put all trust and faith in corporations and the people running them.

Centralized systems are prone to control and censorship, while decentralized designs limit single-entity dominance, reduce single failure points, and improve privacy, trust, and transparency.

Openmesh envisions a future where data and IT infrastructures are not just tools but the very backbone of an open, decentralized digital realm that serves humanity as a whole, not just elite corporations. In this grand tapestry, OE and OEN members aren't mere participants; they are the architects. They have the unique opportunity, reminiscent of the late 90s, to sculpt the DNA of Web 3.0 - to determine its essence, its ethics, and its evolution.

A world where a handful of corporations dominate over 90% of the world's data and Internet infrastructure isn't just imbalanced; it's fragile. It hinges on blind trust, a dangerous gamble in an age of information. OE and OEN members are the antidote to this. They represent the brilliant minds in tech, the vanguards entrusted with the mission to democratize data, ensure its equitable distribution, and redefine Internet infrastructure. Their collective efforts today will be the pillars upon which the next 10-20 years of digital evolution will stand, ensuring that the future Internet is more open, transparent, and inclusive.

Our values

  1. Open: Openmesh is committed to democratize access to data for everyone

  2. Transparent: Development of Openmesh will always be open-source and transparent

  3. Decentralized: Decentralized designs limit single-entity dominance and reduce single failure points

  4. Secure: Openmesh emphasizes on privacy, trust, and transparency by design

Our Open Data Protocols and infrastructures ensures that each of Openmesh's products are built with trust, security, transparency, and traceability by design instead of trusting a human or a policy.

We always envision a digital realm where data and infrastructures are open, decentralized, and serve the collective good rather than a selected few.

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