About OEN

Uncover the ecosystem of Openmesh Expert Network (OEN)

The Openmesh Expert Network is designed for individuals or organizations with expertise in data and Web3 infrastructure. They play a pivotal role in implementing Openmesh Core services for businesses by acquiring the Openmesh Open License.

At the heart of technological revolutions, there's always a group of visionaries that redefine the way the world functions. In the late 90s, the innovators, and developers got the opportunity to define what a database, a computer, a search engine, and a mobile application should look like. Openmesh Experts (OE) and OEN members have the same if not bigger opportunities & responsibilities as in the late 90s to define what, how, and why Web 3.0 data and IT infrastructure should be built, governed, shared, and distributed.

The Openmesh Experts Network (OEN) is the collective heart of all Openmesh Experts (OEs). It's a dynamic community where profound expertise meets collaboration. OEN is more than a professional network; it's the epicenter of innovation, knowledge-sharing, and mutual growth in the Openmesh ecosystem. Together, OEN members can drive the direction of the Openmesh ecosystem, ensuring it remains open, decentralized, and beneficial to all.

Targets and Value Propositions

OEN addresses various facets of users and offer many value propositions to each user segment

Who are the users of Openmesh Core Services?

  1. Individuals or entities that use applications built on the Openmesh network. These individuals can come from different backgrounds, including:

  • Quants

  • Traders

  • Gamers

  • Data scientists

  • Lawyers and compliance officers

  • Financial engineers

  • Web3 projects (DeFi, GameFi, metaverse)

  • Blockchain Protocols & DAOs

  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges & Asset Management

  • Academic Research

  • Big data, analytics & AI firms

  • Financial Institutions

  • Government agencies, law, and regulatory bodies

  • Quant firms

  • Insurance companies

  1. Enterprise Partners will also be a core user of Openmesh services, namely:

  • Large businesses or consortia that adopt or partner with the Openmesh for their operations or pilot projects.

  • Infrastructure Providers, entities, companies providing essential infrastructure such as blockchain explorers, node services, and API services.

  • Academia, educational institute that research and write technical papers and conduct academic research for Openmesh

  • Non-profits or community groups that promote the adoption and ethical use of the Openmesh technology.

  • Organizations or individuals that provide funding or grants to promising projects or startups within the Openmesh ecosystem. They support innovation and growth within the ecosystem.

How Openmesh can deliver value to these sets of users?

Through Openmesh Core Services and its vibrant developer community, being part of the Openmesh network can deliver numerous benefits, including:

  • Direct Access: Gain direct access to Openmesh's advanced tools, updates, technology stack, community events, networking and serves as a hub for shared knowledge and expertise, allowing members to learn from each other and stay updated on the latest in Openmesh tech. Stay ahead of the curve. OEN members get first-hand updates, advanced tool access, and unique opportunities, ensuring they always have a competitive edge.

  • Amplified Impact: Together, OEN members can drive the direction of the Openmesh ecosystem, ensuring it remains open, decentralized, and beneficial to all.

  • Efficiency and Economy: Join a community that values rapid deployment without compromising on cost. The OEN ethos is about achieving more in less time and at a fraction of the traditional expense.

  • All-in-One Hub: Whether it's infrastructure tools, APIs, data connectivity, or analytics, OEN offers a unified platform that caters to all your professional needs.

  • Malleability and Freedom: Being part of OEN means having access to open-source tools that you can modify, customize, and adapt, ensuring your projects resonate with your vision.

  • Shared Growth: Collaborate, learn, and evolve with peers, tapping into collective knowledge and driving the Openmesh vision forward.

  • Ongoing Support and Training: Openmesh Experts continue to receive ongoing support and training resources from Openmesh. This ensures that they stay updated with the latest features and improvements to the technology.

  • Clutch-Like Website: The Clutch-like website developed by Openmesh will serve as a central hub where potential clients, including enterprises, can discover and connect with Openmesh Experts. The website will feature detailed profiles of each expert, highlighting their skills, achievements, and past projects. Clients can easily search for experts based on their requirements and contact them directly through the platform. This platform streamlines the process of finding and hiring experts for specific projects, enhancing the overall value proposition of the Openmesh Expert Network.

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