Openmesh Experts (OE)

What does it mean to be an Openmesh Expert

Openmesh is an open source project and does not have sales, technical support like traditional SaaS or IaaS business model. Openmesh Expert is an individual or a company who has in-depth understanding, familiarity, and proficiency with the Openmesh technology stack and tools. Their expertise isn't just theoretical; they actively build, contribute to, enhance, and maintain the Openmesh Network, ensuring its seamless growth and development.

Who are Openmesh Experts (OE)?

  • Openmesh Experts can be individuals, technology firms, or platforms well-versed in Openmesh technologies and its encompassing ecosystem.

  • Developers outside the core team who contribute to the project, develop tools, look for bugs, suggest new features and create third-party applications.

  • Play a vital role in enhancing the ecosystem and expanding the use cases of the Openmesh technologies.

  • Professionals who advise businesses on how to leverage Openmesh technology for their operations or on Openmesh integration.

  • Developers who create applications, data products, Infrastructure solutions, APIs on top of the Openmesh network, expand the utility and functionalities available on the network.

  • They serve as bridges between the innovative world of Openmesh and traditional business or tech models. Whether they're advising businesses, integrating Openmesh functionalities into existing platforms, or expanding the reach of Openmesh's revolutionary features, OEs are pivotal in broadening Openmesh's adoption. They amalgamate traditional business paradigms with the avant-garde opportunities Openmesh presents.

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Why is it revolutionary?

  • As a software company, the development process inherently relies on existing tools and technologies. For instance, as a web developer building a website from scratch using pure HTML, managing servers, hosting, and web security services may not be viable if the business objective is speed and scale. Platforms like Wix and Framer allow technical and nontechnical users to design, create and publish websites in minutes instead of months.

  • Openmesh infrastructure, tools and stack are designed for developers to plan, design, deploy, and manage data infrastructure and data applications in minutes instead of weeks, and pay only for computing and storage, nothing else. No license fees, no setup fees.

What benefits do I get as an Openmesh Expert?

As a Openmesh Expert, you will become a highly-sought consultant for implementing blockchain data solutions for Web2 and Web3 companies

  1. The Openmesh Open License badge will help companies to identify you as being an expert not only in Openmesh Core services, but also data and blockchain infrastructure services

  2. As the global economy requires more and more data to ingest, you can leverage the Openmesh network to get more clients and partnerships

  3. Be a part of the growing Openmesh network and be the first to get product updates and offerings through our expanding collaborators and contributors

Why should I become an Openmesh Expert?

  • Rapid Deployment: Just as platforms like Wix revolutionized web development, Openmesh empowers developers to build, deploy and manage their own decentralized data infrastructure, develop APIs, create data feeds, connect data feeds, build applications and in mere minutes, instead of months.

  • Go-to-place for all your needs: Infrastructure deployment and management tools, APIs, data connectivity, analytics, access to data all in one place.

  • Direct Access—Data & Resource: Openmesh democratizes data and cloud infrastructure access, ensuring OEs have the resources they need, when they need them. Gain direct access to Openmesh's advanced tools and technology stack, enabling faster, more efficient, and cost-effective data infrastructure development.

  • Extreme flexibility and customization: All Openmesh stack is open source. If OE wants to customize, or tweak it for their needs, they have full freedom with the Openmesh Open License (OOL).

  • Pioneering Expertise: By becoming an OE, you'll be at the forefront of decentralized data technology, positioning yourself as an expert in a field that's shaping the future of the internet.

  • Networking Opportunities: Being an OE means joining a network of like-minded professionals, fostering collaboration, partnerships, and business opportunities.

  • Frontline Access to Cutting-Edge Tech: Dive into the future of data infrastructure. Openmesh offers unparalleled access to state-of-the-art tools and technologies, setting OEs apart in a competitive market.

  • Visibility to get external clients: Openmesh will develop a dedicated website, similar to, where Openmesh Experts will be listed based on their expertise, specialization, and region. This provides them with a platform to be discovered by potential clients seeking their services.

  • OEN NFT Badge and Tokens: Certified Openmesh Experts receive an OEN NFT badge as a recognition of their expertise. Additionally, they can stake their badge to earn OPEN tokens over a fixed period, enhancing the financial incentives for being a part of the network.

Journey to become an Openmesh Expert

To attain the status of an Openmesh Expert, you will embark on a journey through various stages and culminate your efforts by successfully completing a final assessment, thus earning your coveted OOL badge.


To expedite the process of becoming certified, you will need a track record and fundamental understandings of:

  • Decentralized systems and data infrastructures

  • Proficiency in Apache Kafka, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes, and other relevant cloud deployment technologies

  • Past projects that exhibit strong problem-solving abilities and communication skills

  • Experience in working with system integration, consulting, and solution architecture

Learning Path

Once the requirements are met, we will provide you with an extensive library of learning materials - categorized into two paths:

  • Principles of on-chain and off-chain data implementation

  • Openmesh Core Services: xNode, UnifiedAPI, and Pythia

We also provide virtual sessions with our engineers to dive deeper into the technical implementation plans


To earn the official certification badge, you will be assessed for Openmesh proficiencies.

Once passed, you will receive a certification badge, recorded publicly on-chain and be placed in our landing page as an official member of the Openmesh Expert Network.

You can display this badge for marketing purposes and approaching potential clients.

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