Openmesh Open License (OOL)

The first ever Open License for Web3 data infrastructure

The Openmesh Open License (OOL) is a groundbreaking licensing framework designed for the Openmesh ecosystem. It governs how Openmesh software, APIs, global infrastructure deployment frameworks and the technology stack are shared, modified, and distributed. Unlike traditional licenses that come with strings attached, OOL is the embodiment of openness, encouraging uninhibited innovation, customization, and sharing.

Why is Openmesh Open License (OOL) beneficial for OE's and OEN?

  • Unrestricted Innovation: OOL allows for modification, sharing, and distribution of Openmesh software, APIs, and tech stack, ensuring that innovation is never stifled.

  • Full Customization: With OOL, developers have the freedom to tailor Openmesh's tools to their specific needs, ensuring optimal functionality and integration.

  • No Hidden Costs: OOL ensures that users only pay for compute and storage, eliminating any licensing or setup fees and making cost projections more transparent.

  • Strengthens the Community: OOL fosters a sense of community among OEs and OEN. When tools and technologies are open-source, it encourages collaboration, mutual learning, and shared growth, ensuring that the Openmesh ecosystem thrives as a collective.

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