Verified Contributors

OpenR&D is open to anyone to use. Verified Contributors is Openmesh's way of using OpenR&D to develop its products. Verified Contributors form a DAO which decides who is part of it. This Verified Contributor status is represented by an NFT (ERC721). The Verified Contributors decide who gets minted this NFT and can similarly also decide if it should be revoked from someone.

This Verified Contributor group gets extra OPEN token rewards for completing tasks based on RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary value). Furthermore, there are several departments, which contain a subset of Verified Contributors. Normal Verified Contributors work on a task-by-task payment schedule, whereas Verified Contributors part of a department are instead working on a fixed salary, where the task completion reward is paid out to the department treasury instead. This allows them to have a more predictable income.

How to become a Verified Contributor?

Create your profile on OpenR&D and fill out the application form. Full guide here

What are the responsibilities of a Verified Contributor?

Being a Verified Contributor you are expected to interact with the OpenR&D platform or community regularly. Usually, this will be in the form of completing tasks, which will be represented in your RFM score. Being in a department will introduce more responsibilities, which that department decides.

How do we avoid bad actors?

When a Verified Contributor fails to fulfill their responsibility, they are held accountable by the other Verified Contributors, who will cast a vote to burn the bad actor's NFT, meaning they will lose the additional benefits and governance that is granted to it. This also means that they are removed from any department they are part of.

The Verified Contributor NFT collection and DAOs exist on Polygon mainnet.

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