Dispute Resolution

What to do if dispute arises for completion of projects

A dispute can arise when the task manager and executor cannot reach an agreement on if the task has been completed correctly. The executor can create a dispute for the dispute manager to review. This will usually cost a fee to compensate the dispute manager for their used resources to review.

The following outlines the steps of dispute resolution:

  1. The task manager and executor try to reach an agreement, but after several attempts, this does not seem possible.

  2. The executor goes to the view task page and selects the "disputes" tab.

  3. They fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

  4. Click the create button and sign the transaction.

  5. The dispute manager will look into the case and either accept or reject your dispute. In case it is accepted, your specified reward % will be paid out and the task will be closed. Any leftover funds are returned to the task funder.

How the dispute manager will decide their judgment differs from dispute manager to dispute manager.

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