Apply to task

Who can be an applicant?

Any user that has connected their wallet can apply for tasks.

Tasks can have application requirements, such as holding a certain amount of a token.

What reward do I earn after completing a task?

You can set your own desired reward for completing the task. It is recommended to stay under the budget of the task. After the task manager confirms that you have finished the task, or if you create a dispute which is accepted, the reward will be sent to your wallet automatically.

How to apply to a task?

Create a compelling application for every project to increase your likelihood of being accepted to take the task.

  1. You are recommended to set up your profile before applying to tasks.

  2. Browse through open tasks in the task list under "Tasks" in the navigation bar.

  3. If you find an interesting task, press "view task" to see more details.

  4. If you want to take the task on, go to the "applications" tab and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

  5. Click the create button and sign the transaction with your wallet.

Note: Proposing a lower amount than budget in each task shows that you will be able to complete the task in a more cost-effective manner.

However, if you believe that the available funding is not sufficient, you can request a higher amount. This will require the task manager to increase the budget before they can accept your application.

Make sure to verify the dispute manager before accepting to take on a task. In case the dispute manager colludes with the task manager, they can prevent you from getting your reward, even if you completed the task.

In general, we recommend only taking tasks with dispute managers you are familiar with (such as the Openmesh dispute department) or you trust the task manager enough to pay the reward.

As a trustless protocol, Openmesh cannot help you with any tasks that do not use our dispute management.

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