Review a submission

Once the executor believes they have completed the task, they will create a submission for the task manager to review. If they agree, the task is successfully completed, the reward will be released to the executor automatically through the smart contracts. Any leftover budget will be sent back to the task funder.

If you reject a submission, nothing will happen. In case your rejection and explanation is not fair, the executor can open a dispute and still receive their reward if the dispute manager agrees.

How to review a submission?

  1. Go to the view task page.

  2. Head to the "submissions" tab, where you can view the list of current submissions.

  3. Review the last submission carefully, verifying all deliverables.

  4. Fill out the form below the submission.

  5. Press the review button and sign the transaction.

What if there are multiple open submissions? Usually, this means that the executor has revised or improved their submissions, in which case you just review the last one. There are no consequences for not reviewing a submission, except that it could be used in dispute resolution (ignoring a valid submission could be seen as trying to get closer to the deadline and prevent payout).

What if a dispute arises? Find out about our dispute resolution mechanism

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