Accept an application

After your task has been created, people can apply to your task. It is your (the task manager) responsibility to accept anyone you think is able to complete the task. If you have a preference for certain applicants, you can accept them earlier, and wait to see if they take the task (confirm they still want it, after which they will immediately start working). You can accept as many applications as you want in as many separate waves as you want.

How to accept an application?

  1. Go to the view task page.

  2. Head to the "applications" tab, where you can view the list of current applications.

  3. Review each application carefully, considering the applicant's profile, past jobs, proposed reward, plan of approach, and background.

  4. If you wish, you can directly contact some of the applicants through their linked socials on their profile to further assess their suitability for the project.

  5. Click "Approve" if you think the applicant is a good fit for the project

  6. You can repeat these steps as often as you want, in case none of the applications are sufficient, you can consider waiting for more applications, possibly extending the deadline, or increasing the budget, or canceling the task.

  7. It is recommended to keep in touch with the executor (applicant who will perform the task) throughout the project to ensure your expectations of the deliverables align.

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