As this DAO decides who has the Verified Contributor status, which is required to enter a department, it can be seen as "Department Owner".

This is the only responsibility of this DAO, managing the group of verified contributors by adding any new promising candidates and removing those that aren't involved enough, abusing the system, or any other kind of harm is done to the Verified Contributors by keeping them.

Optimistic actions

As adding Verified Contributors is not a very harmful action and it is expected to be done regularly, this can be done optimistically. This means that an existing Verified Contributor creates the action to mint a new NFT to a promising candidate, explaining why they made this choice. All other Verified Contributors will then have 7 days to review this action and in case they do not agree, the opportunity to reject it. Only a single rejection is required to prevent the action from happening.

In case someone creates suspicious actions or is rejecting actions without good reason, this could be a reason to remove their Verified Contributor status. It is recommended to mention it to them beforehand before taking this last resort.

Voting actions

Any other actions will need at least 20% of all Verified Contributors to vote on it and the majority (>50%) to approve it.

The only action that is expected is the burning of NFTs. Any Verified Contributor who knows they will stop interacting with the platform can also burn their NFT themselves, to save the DAO the hassle of voting.

The Verified Contributors are in complete control of this DAO, so they can decide on any other actions they want to perform, such as building up a treasury.

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