Verified Contributor Score

Verified Contributors will build up a score by completing tasks on OpenR&D. It does not matter on which chain the task is completed, as long as that address holds the Verified Contributor NFT on Polygon.

Every task completed will add its USD value (when the budget was set) to your total score. This gets multiplied by its recency, according to the following schema.

Months agoMultiplier

Current month


1 month ago


2 months ago


3 months ago


4 months ago


5 months ago


More than 5 months ago


High scores can be a reason to be allowed to join a department. The OPEN tokens that you can claim at the end of the month for your hard work (on top of the task rewards themself) are based on several factors, including but not limited to your absolute score, your score relative to the other verified contributors, the time elapsed since Verified Contributors were launched, and the current amount of verified contributors. This formula can change over time.

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