Create a submission

After you believe you have done everything that the task requires of you, you can create a submission. This is essentially a report with your deliverables for the task manager to review. It can also be one of the deciding factors for dispute resolution, hence it should be clear to the dispute manager too where to find everything, instead of basing it on the prior off-chain communication with the task manager.

In case your submission is accepted by the task manager, the task will be closed and you will recieve your reward. It is also possible to use submissions for milestone-based partial rewards if agreed upon in the task description. Here you can either deliver the milestone using off-chain communication with the task manager, after which they will issue a partial payment, or do it fully on-chain by creating a submission for each.

How to create a submission?

  1. Got to the view task page.

  2. Head to the "submissions" tab.

  3. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

  4. Click the create button and sign the transaction with your wallet.

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