Expert Department

The dispute department is responsible for helping other entities integrate Openmesh products. You could compare them to consultants. They will not work on developing the Openmesh products but will advise or customize them to the needs of a certain entity.

The members of this department are experienced with Openmesh products and can thus answer questions much more efficiently than if an outside entity without this knowledge wants to know something. As all our products are open source and created in such a way that they provide value to not just Openmesh, it is to be expected that these entities will present themselves. Having the expert department ready to assist them will improve adoption and increase integration speed and quality.

This department does not have any smart contract changes compared to other departments but will receive its funding mainly from other entities. Depending on the consistency of these requests, this could mean that this department will choose to compensate its members based on the frequency of these requests instead of a salary. The Openmesh community DAO can choose to create tasks for the expert department to keep their knowledge up to date in case funding from other sources is not sufficient to justify it.

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