Create a Project

In the OpenR&D platform, projects are tasks that can be created by anyone and be completed by Applicants. In order to advance the development of the platform, projects are constantly proposed and displayed in the OpenR&D homepage.
The different stages of projects
You will be able to create a project that will be available for contributors to take on to earn the reward. In case the project is not just beneficial to yourself, but the whole ecosystem, you can also request it to be funded by one of our departments. These projects are created to help advance the development of the protocol.

What are the project statuses?
Projects are categorized in statuses, they are Draft, Open, On-going, and Completed.
  • Draft - These projects are recently requested to be funded and awaiting approvals from Verified Contributors
  • Open - These projects have been funded and are open for application
  • On-going - The project has an Applicant and is actively being worked on
  • Completed - These projects have a submission of the Applicant and this submission was approved for its completion
What to do after applying for projects?
As an approved Applicant, you can take the task and immediately start working on the projects before the project deadline. It is suggested to maintain open and direct communication with the project owner throughout the project phase.
How to submit the final work to complete the project?
After completing the task, the Applicant can reach out and inform the project owner to evaluate the result and approve the completion of the project.
To create project, simply follow the steps:
  1. 1.
    Connect your wallet to be able to become a contributor in the platform and edit your profile to personalize your account
  2. 2.
    Look for the "Add a Project" button in the homepage and click it to be navigated to the project creation form
  3. 3.
    Enter all the fields in the form and add any relevant details
What are the project budgets?
Every project proposed will have a clear budget allocated as a reward for completion. The budget can be set in units of cryptocurrencies of your choice, including stablecoins. If a project has been successfully completed, the DAO smart contract will automatically release the budget as payment to the contributors. If a project fails to be completed, the budget will be returned to the project creator.
How to decide on project length and deadline?
The project creator can select the estimated project length using the form dropdown when creating the project proposal and set the expected deadline for completion. This project deadline is used to inform Applicants of the completion date and also used by the DAO smart contract to validate the release of funds.
Add Contributors
In the case where you have already decided on the contributors who will take on the project, you will be able to add their wallet addresses in the project creation form along with the estimated budget breakdown for each respective contributor
  1. 4.
    After entering all the fields, click "Submit for Review" to submit the project to be approved by other Verified Contributors
  1. 5.
    Projects will be labeled as "Waiting" status until it is approved

Project deadline expiry
In some cases, the project may reach the initially set deadline without receiving enough qualified candidates. In such a scenario, the following alert will be displayed in the application section of the project page: